Little english version

Date of born:
* 20. 10. 2010

sire - Altesse les Chiens de Marki
dam - Une Astre Magnifique Moravia Campanella

Stud male:
from 14. 4. 2012 with code 4A

height: 63 cm
lenght: 69 cm
around chest: 80 cm
deep of chest: 30 cm
skull: 29 cm
nose: 14 cm
all teeth, scissors bite, double claws OK, testicles OK, coat 3x excellent (lenght, colour, structure), tail to the hock, shorter neck, excellent movement, good eyes, overall excellent

HD A/A; ED 0/0; CSNB clear; Eu negative

ZZO; ZOP; BH; FPr 3; StPr 1; ZPU 1; PT 3; OB-Z; OB 1; NHAT; HWT TS; IHT 1 TS

Fullfilled conditions for Ch. DE (VDH)
Interchampion C.I.B. - Champion International de Beauté
Interchampion C.I.E. - Champion International d´Exposition
Slovenian champion
Croatian champion
Champion of Czech republic
Czechian Grand champion
Champion of Austria
Champion of ČMKU
Hungária Show Champion
Slovakian Grand Champion
Slovakian Champion
Polish Champion
Junior Champion of Czech republic
Started:  nothing
Briard roku in exterior: 2013 - 7. místo, 2014 - 4. místo, 2015 - 2. místo
2x Savaria Winner 2014 + 2x BOB (NDS + IDS Szombathely, HU)
Östereich - Ungarn Sieger 2014 + BOS (IDS Szombathely + IDS Oberwart)
Slovenian Winner 2015 + BOS
3x CRUFTs qualification 2016 (Slovenia, Czech republic, Austria)
VDH-Saar Sieger Saarbrücken 2016
multi CACs, 8x res. CACIB, 13x CACIB, 6x National winner, 10x BOS, 9x BOB

21.7.2014 - z Pierwszej Ligi (2m + 4f, all tawny)
22.3.2014 - Tout droit du coeur (5m + 6f, all tawny)